Why on the record ?

Why On the Record?

Researching our ancestors has become, particularly over the last two decades, a fascinating past-time for those taking part, and a burgeoning industry in itself. There are numerous online ancestry research sites, all doing remarkable business, thanks to the current obsession we have with tracing our past. We are fascinated with the lives of our great, great, great grandparents and way beyond that. How enthralling it is to find a noble knight, or links to an adored queen, or, heaven forbid, a recalcitrant tyrant in our DNA.

What stories will future generations have about you? Your story is your legacy. You are an essential piece in the family puzzle; what future generations will call ancestor. You are the sum of so many parts: who came before you, all that you did (or didn’t do), what you saw, who you met, where you lived, what you learned, your triumphs and your failures, and an infinite number of other facets that make up YOU.

That’s why On the Record was created. It is a simple, no fuss way of telling your story and having it recorded – digitally and in print – for posterity and for the benefit of generations to come. Your story does matter.

At On the Record, we aren't creating a tome of your life – although what you choose to do with your transcripts and recordings is up to you. If an
autobiography or detailed memoir is what you had in mind, then On the Record will prove invaluable by providing sound, hard evidence of a well-lived life (or not). We are about making it a simple, time-efficient, accurate way of recording your life story. It does not matter if you have a lot to say or just a little. As long as you have a voice, then we will capture it.

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