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Do you want to have your life story recorded (on paper) or digitally recorded (audio recorded)?  But it’s just too hard, right?  Let On the Record make it easier for you. You’ll just need to spend a few hours, one-on-one, with us (the interviewer).  We will ask all the relevant questions as we record it, then we will create the kind of story you want to tell (for example, a simple Q&A transcript, a short story, a memoir, a biography or even a picture book).

International Day for Older Persons – a time to celebrate

This article first appeared in The Mercury (Tasmania) on 30 September 2020 I don’t know about this story revealing an epiphany, but it goes somewhere close.  About 30-or-so years ago I boarded a plane in Melbourne, en route to Cairns, to holiday and to catch up with a former school friend.  No thanks to my…
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How to record and transcribe a life story

How to record and transcribe a life story Capturing past lives is a worthy thing to do. And you can do it, too. I promise you it will be as rewarding for you as your interviewee.  Many of my clients – my interviewees – tell me that I am the only person to whom they…
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On The Record is on the record.

Hi and welcome to On the Record's first blog post. I’m Pip Nielsen, and I’m On the Record. So what is it all about?  On the Record is all about you! We’re here to bring your story to life, told by you – in your own words - through recorded and transcribed interviews.   Do you…
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