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Present :              Billy Blogs (BB); some additional comments by John Smith (JS)
Interviewer :              Pip Nielsen (PN)
Topic :              The War Years 1939-1945, a personal account
Date of Interview :              8 November 2017
Place :              123 Smith Street, Smith Town
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The date is Wednesday 8th November 2017, and I am here with Billy Blogs at his home in Smith Town to record his childhood memories, specifically those of the war years, World War Two, from 1939 to 1945. When the war broke out in September 1939, you were just over nine, which means you would have been in primary school – approximately year four by today’s equivalent. Can you recall when you first found out about the war breaking out?
Oh I remember bits and pieces, but not the exact time and date. There was some considerable build-up, of course, I was -- I was a child -- so what did I know of these things? Not much . But I do remember the radio broadcasts. Mum and dad and I would sit in our lounge room – with the next door neighbours – we were the only ones with a radio…